What happens if you lose a job when you get married?

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There is a huge chance your spouse will lose their job soon, as many employers are beginning to tighten up on the job search.

That’s not a bad thing for the health of the economy, and we’re not suggesting people take the job hunt too hard.

But it could lead to serious financial stress for both you and your spouse.

Here are five reasons why marriage could be the worst time to lose your job.1.

Your job is on the lineThe economy is growing at a pace that is unprecedented in the past 50 years.

It’s also happening as part of a global shift in work.

The job market is so sensitive to fluctuations in economic activity that many people are looking for jobs that they think they will be able to find.

This is called the job shock phenomenon, and it has already been observed in several countries.2.

You have to choose between two careersOne of the main reasons couples get married is for the stability and security of the relationship.

If you can’t find the right job, your spouse could find herself without a job, or she might decide to move out.3.

You’re not sure you can find the perfect job for your needsThere are plenty of options out there.

You could consider a career that requires a high level of education, or maybe you could consider getting a job that doesn’t require a high degree of training.

If there are many career paths available, it’s not as if you’re guaranteed a job with the right salary.4.

Your salary depends on the kind of work you doIt’s easy to get a sense of what your salary could be.

You might think you might want to work in a field that requires some kind of technical skills, or a more traditional occupation.

If so, you might consider a more specialized job, such as a software developer, or perhaps a doctor.

But there are also some options out in the market that don’t require technical skills.5.

You don’t know what you can expect from your jobIn some industries, there’s a lot of overlap between jobs, so it’s often harder to tell what kind of job you can get.

For example, if you want to be a lawyer, it could be very hard to find a job where you don’t have a law degree.

And if you need to get involved in a certain area, it might be harder to find that job.

So the best advice is to get your head around the different jobs you might be interested in, and figure out what kind you want and the type of work that fits your needs.

For more information on the employment market, read “When you have to pick a career” on the Career Center website.


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