Forex trading platform ‘exposes data to all comers’

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The world’s leading forex platform, which has been running since 2014, will be launching a new platform this year which will make it easier for traders to trade on their own terms, Reuters reports.

The platform, called ‘exposedata’, will allow traders to upload data from their trading sessions on any of the major forex platforms, like Nasdaq and ICE, and see it published to an online repository.

The site is being developed by two US-based companies, a trading platform called ExposeData, and a UK-based company called ExposingData, Reuters adds.

This new service will be available for the first time in early 2016, with the service to be launched later this year, according to the report.’

ExposeData is an exciting platform to explore and utilize,’ CEO Mike Langer said in a statement.’

We’re working with some of the world’s most innovative, innovative, and passionate forex traders to provide the platform with the necessary infrastructure and expertise to accelerate the development of this platform.’

It will be an incredible opportunity for us to make a difference in the world and make the Forex industry better for the next generation of traders.’

According to Reuters, the new service aims to be able to show the trades made by traders using a variety of data sources.’

You will be able access your trades to a large number of different sources on this platform, with each source offering its own set of data and analysis capabilities to you,’ the company says.’

This will allow you to see the impact of a move on your price or to learn about the strategies you use to get the most out of your trades.”

We believe the future of Forex is open and collaborative, and that is exactly what Exposedata is about,’ Langer continued.

‘We believe that people will continue to explore the benefits of this new technology, and will be surprised at how much of their trading and trading history can be shared.’


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