Reddit is getting its own trading app

Posted by admin

In a new move, Reddit has announced it is getting a trading app that will give its users an alternative to the default trading app called Cobra.

This new app will also give users a place to add their own trading tools to the site.

In addition to being a completely new trading platform, the app will be completely free and will feature a trading engine and a trading interface.

Reddit has not disclosed how many users it expects to use the trading app.

The move is likely a reaction to the recent rise of crypto-trading sites, such as Coinbase and Binance, which allow users to trade bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies and are also heavily regulated by the US government.

The market has exploded in recent months and the bitcoin market has risen to $1,000 per coin.

“Our new trading app is a real milestone in the evolution of Reddit,” the Reddit community said in a blog post announcing the launch.

“We’re building a place for you to trade your bitcoin, your Ethereum, and your other digital assets with the people and companies who build them.

It’s a platform where you can share your bitcoin with the world and have it be backed by the community.”

Reddit has been a hotbed for crypto-related news lately, with the company releasing a video explaining the rise of the bitcoin economy.

In the video, Reddit CEO Ellen Pao said the company had reached “a tipping point” with the rise in bitcoin trading.

“Bitcoin is here to stay,” Pao stated.

“It’s the first crypto-currency that can scale.

It has a market cap that is bigger than Facebook.

It can be the most widely used cryptocurrency around.”

Pao later said the Reddit app would allow users a way to trade digital assets like Ethereum and bitcoin for traditional currencies, like dollars.

“You’ll have a place on Reddit where you’re able to trade all the things you can trade on Reddit with the currency you use everyday,” Paz said in the video.

The company also said it would have “a place for people to buy, sell, and trade the currency of their choice.”

Reddit did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new app.


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