Outback Trading Company: Robinhood Options Trading Company, which launched in 2019, has raised $5 million from investors including Outback Ventures, a venture capital fund.

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Outback’s stock price has risen more than 60% since the start of the year, and the company says it has over 3,000 traders in Australia.

Outback was founded by the Australian couple Andrew and Julia Cook, and they say they are passionate about trading and trading bots.

Outbacks founder Andrew Cook told the ABC the company is “committed to providing the best trading experience for our customers”.

He said they have recently added a bot to help the company “handle our trading needs”.

Mr Cook said he and his wife are “doing this to create a better business for the community”.

The pair hope to be able to offer the same service in New Zealand and overseas.

“We think the best way to do that is to build out the bot from scratch,” Mr Cook told ABC Radio New Zealand.

OutBACK trading bot.

Mr Cook and his partner Julia Cook say the Outback trading bot will allow them to deal with stock trading in New Zeland, Tasmania.

OutBack Trading Bot is the bot that allows users to trade stocks in New Guinea and New Zealand, according to Andrew Cook.

The bot will automatically send out alerts for new market information.

In addition to the bot, Outback has also recently added bots to manage the trading of Australian and Australian New Zealand stocks.

Mr Fry said the company would work with the government to allow its trading bot to function on stock markets in other countries.

The company also wants to be the first company to provide an automated stock market for New Zealand to use.

OutBacked CEO Andrew Fry says the company wants to provide a “trading solution” for its customers in New Zealander and overseas markets.

“I think we can do that for New Zealand in other markets in Australia and New South Wales,” Mr Fry told ABC New Zealand’s Morning Report.

Outbacked is now looking to expand into Australia, with a “major expansion” planned in 2018, he said.

“Our goal is to have outback trading for all of the markets that we serve, including New Zealand,” Mr Fries said.

Mr Fikes said his team wanted to provide the “best trading experience” for Outback users in NewZeland.

OutFront Technology CEO Mark Fry said outbacked would provide a trading bot for NewZealand’s markets.

Outfront Technology CEO and founder Mark Fry says outbacked will help outback users “provide a trading solution” to NewZland stock markets.

Mr Cairns said he was “thrilled” to have a New Zealand company “pursuing an opportunity that we would never have dreamed of”.

He described the company as a “great fit” with the OutBack and Outback Trade Bot bot services.

Mr Cooke said the pair wanted to work together on the trading bot project.

“This partnership is great for us,” he said, adding that they wanted to be in New York in the near future.

Mr Cooper said he wanted to create an online platform for New Zewers trading.

“In New Zealand there’s a lot of competition for jobs,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“So, we think this is an opportunity to try and do a lot more with New Zealand than we have been able to do before.”

The Outback company also aims to be a “platform for trading” across New Zealand with a focus on overseas markets and trading volumes.

It is set to open a branch in Auckland in early 2018.

The New Zealand Stock Exchange is not yet involved in the venture.

“New Zealand’s stock markets are a great place to be,” Mr Cooper told the Herald.

He said the Outbacked team was excited about working with the NewZelands trading bot and the New York Stock Exchange.


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