Why Senators Are Selling Off Their Senate Vacancies

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The Senate has been forced to make a deal with the White House on the recess to keep the government open for the holidays.

But the Senate has also announced that it will now hold its own hearings on the proposed Senate rules, which would force senators to vote to pass bills or face a 60-vote threshold to end debate.

The deal also ensures that the Senate will have time to meet a key requirement for the Senate: that its 60 votes be needed to pass a bill.

Senators have until January 23 to pass any bill before the new rules take effect.

The rule, which was finalized last week, will require senators to act within 90 days of their last day in office.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has said that he will not allow the Senate to pass an ACA repeal bill until the rule takes effect.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D.

Conn.), the top Democrat on the Senate Rules Committee, has also threatened to vote against the Senate’s next attempt to repeal the ACA.

In the past, senators have voted to delay or postpone votes in order to get an extension for healthcare for members of Congress and their staffs.

This deal was struck to avoid that.

Republicans have said that this compromise is necessary to avoid the collapse of the Senate as a body.

The White House is urging senators to sign on to the agreement, but Senate Republicans are also pushing for Democrats to give the Senate a chance to take up any legislation that comes up.

“If they want to vote on this, they can,” Schumer told reporters.

“If they don’t, they should.”

The White Trump administration and Democrats have been pressing for a deal, arguing that if Republicans were to pass the bill with the Senate Democrats would be able to block it from passing the House.

Democrats have argued that the White Trump Administration is using the negotiations to try to use the Senate for partisan gain.

The House of Representatives, which is in recess, will hold its first session on January 30.


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