Rocket League trading app has added a ‘rocket league’ trading coupon

Posted by admin

A new Rocket League Trading app has been released, offering Rocket League players a way to trade their stock in a way that can help them secure an advantage against other teams in a match.

Rocket League trading apps have been available since May, with the latest version of Rocket League app also adding a ‘Rocket League Trading’ coupon that allows players to trade stocks in their favourite games.

Users of the Rocket League betting app Rocket League Betting, which is currently free to use, can use the coupon to trade in their Rocket League stock in the games with which they have an interest.

“This is a great addition to the Rocket Launcher app that gives you an option to trade your stock in Rocket League,” said Rocket League League player Josh Mihm.

“It gives you a chance to secure a position against the best teams and get in there and make a profit.”

Rocket League betting apps like Rocket LeagueBetting and Rocket League Gamblers also offer trading in stock, but unlike the trading in stocks in games, these trading apps are not offered through the app itself.

“When you sign up to play in Rocket league you get a coupon, and you can redeem it to trade stock in your games,” Rocket League bettor Scott Smith told TechRadars.

“I’ve used this to get into a spot against my friends in my league.

If I play against a friend and they have a lot of stock, I can just buy a stock in their league and trade it.”

Rocket league betting apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


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