Why did Google crash?

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Google is facing multiple lawsuits from investors, investors, and former employees alleging that it misappropriated millions of dollars in investments to support its search advertising business.

The lawsuits were filed in federal court in Manhattan last week by investors and former executives, and they are part of a larger case that includes other lawsuits against Google.

Among the allegations in the suits is that Google manipulated search results to benefit its own businesses, and it has also been accused of abusing its market power to stifle competitors.

Google’s shares fell nearly 8% after the filings, but they recovered to around $110.

The suits allege that Google’s search advertising platform is biased against rival sites and services, as well as its “ad-serving” platform.

The suit also alleges that Google used its dominant position in search to create monopolies and other unfair practices that caused the loss of revenue and harmed consumers.

Google is accused of favoring its own search results and its own algorithms over competitors, as long as those search results are “topically relevant.”

According to the lawsuit, Google has been accused in multiple cases of misusing its search engine rankings and favoring its ad products.

The lawsuit says that Google has violated antitrust laws in multiple instances, including the sale of its stock and other forms of stock.

According to a statement by Google’s head of internal legal affairs, the lawsuit “is the latest salvo in the company’s ongoing fight with antitrust regulators over Google’s actions in the search industry.”

“Google is fighting back to preserve our core values, and we’ll do everything we can to win,” the statement said.

“The company is confident that it has proven its case in a number of courts around the world.”

A spokesperson for Google said the company would not comment on the lawsuits, but noted that the company has “successfully defended itself against the antitrust claims.”

The lawsuit comes at a time when many of the search giants have been facing scrutiny over the past several months, including from investors who believe that the search engine could be getting too big and may not be properly regulating itself.

Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission issued a report criticizing Google’s ad practices, and in April, the Justice Department and the Department of Labor accused Google of “unlawfully discriminating against certain types of jobs in its advertising business.”

The FTC also issued a separate report that accused Google’s “ad services” of discriminating against women, Hispanics, and low-income people.

Google has denied these allegations.

The DOJ has also said it will review the FTC’s findings, but that the agency has “made clear that we are committed to protecting Google’s core interests.”

The Justice Department has also sent a cease and desist letter to Google in July 2016.

The search giant said it was prepared to defend itself in court, but did not elaborate on its legal options.


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