How to trade your stocks with Fidelity

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The popular Fidelity Fidelity Mobile App will soon be making its debut with investors and trading professionals alike.

The company has revealed the first two new features of the Fidelity App, which are Fidelity Premium, a suite of new features to the FASTrader platform, and Fidelity Trading.

The premium features include: A new portfolio management tool that will allow investors to manage multiple portfolios at once with a single mobile interface.

A portfolio manager that lets users select and create their own strategies for a particular stock.

Fidelity’s portfolio management system allows investors to keep track of their holdings on a single page.

The FASTrade platform is similar to a broker’s account management system but allows investors the ability to trade stocks and ETFs on a separate tab on the FAST Mobile app.

The app will be available starting on Tuesday, May 8, 2019 at 10 a.m.


FAStrader, which was launched by Fidelity in March of this year, allows investors, brokers and accountants to manage stocks on the platform.

FAST is a new platform, launched by a subsidiary of Fidelity, Fidelity Capital, which will enable brokers to easily create portfolios for investors.

The platform is the first Fidelity app that will be developed by FAS Capital.

FasTrader is a free service and the company says it is targeting its launch to coincide with the completion of FASCapital’s acquisition of FIDX Group, a leading provider of portfolio management software.

It is available on iOS and Android.

The new features, which include: Premium portfolio management tools that allow investors the opportunity to manage portfolios at the same time.

Fits the FasCapital platform, which provides Fidelity with the ability as a partner to create a customized portfolio.


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