‘Thor’ Trailer Teases The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s First Black Panther Movie

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The Marvel Studios films have made it clear that the Black Panther movie is not a one-off story.

The first trailer for the upcoming movie is set to debut this Saturday, and it seems like Marvel is going to be doing the same thing in 2017 with the Black Panthers.

The trailer opens with footage of a new city called Wakanda, which is a city where a new super villain named Sakaar is making his debut.

The movie opens with Sakaamans actions that may be more than what is shown in the trailer.

The clip features Sakaars leader and friend, Wakanda’s King Namor, who has recently begun attacking the Black Hills.

It’s unclear if the King is also using the new Wakandan army to kill the Avengers and their allies, but the trailer does give us a taste of how this new king is going about his plan.

Namor’s first attack, however, has no visible effect on the Avengers, who are forced to flee the city after Sakaarons first attack.

It also seems that Sakaaria has learned to use his powers better than he did before.

It looks like this new Wakanda will be a different kind of city than the one that we’ve seen in the movies.

When we first see Wakanda in the first trailer, it was pretty much a giant prison filled with guards and the likes of the Hulk and Hulkbuster, with a massive supercomputer controlling the whole place.

It would be nice to see some of the technology of Wakanda used in a superhero film.

It sounds like we could see some new technology like a hoverboard and hoverbike, or maybe some sort of super-powered vehicle that looks like a motorcycle.

It will be interesting to see how Sakaara is using his new powers, and whether he is using them to defeat the Avengers or just to make people miserable.

Marvel’s Black Panther: ‘The Black Panther’ will open on May 6, 2018 on the silver screen.

You can read our full Black Panther preview here.


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