China: ‘We have not received the necessary data’ on climate change

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The Chinese government has said it has not received data from the UN that would allow it to judge the severity of global warming and that it is working on a plan to address it.

China is already subject to strict international climate regulations, which include a ban on carbon dioxide emissions, but Beijing has refused to accept that the rules are having an impact on the country’s climate.

“China has not yet received the required data that would enable us to make an assessment of the impacts of climate change,” an official from the China’s National Environmental Administration told reporters on Wednesday.

“It has not been implemented by us, it has been implemented at the level of the Ministry of Environmental Protection,” the official said.

“We have to take this issue seriously.

We are working on our plan.”

China’s National Environment Administration (NEA) said it would investigate the UN report on climate and energy, which was published last week.

China’s government said last month it had submitted data for the UN’s climate report, which concluded that climate change is real and is happening faster than previously thought.

“The country’s national climate policies and the countrys national energy policies are also affected by climate change and it is not just climate change, but also other climate factors, which are affecting people’s daily lives,” the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) said in a statement.

“At the same time, the country is working to make sure that its energy consumption is sustainable and to strengthen its energy economy and reduce its dependence on foreign energy,” it said.

The US and China have been the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in the world, and both have plans to meet a Paris Agreement to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


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