‘GTA’ to be a live-action series, with all the same characters

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Updated May 16, 2018 11:02:15 A live-armed, armed, and dangerous series of live-Action TV shows based on the movie of the same name, The Rockford Files, is headed to TV.

Rockford, Illinois-based Fox Television Group has announced it is producing a series based on Michael Cera’s hit 1999 film of the character, as well as a spinoff, The Riddler.

The show will focus on Riddler, who is portrayed by Jason Bateman, a character who appears in the first two Rockford films, The Long Good Friday and Rockford High.

It will also be based on another Rockford movie, The Man Who Laughs, which aired on NBC in 2017.

It is unclear if this show will be based off the Riddler’s origin story, which will also involve a villain, or if the new series will be the first live-based Rockford series.

A trailer released earlier this year features Bateman playing the Riddlers own “big bad.”

The Rockfords first movie, A Night in Rockford Hills, was released in 2005.

Rockfornis second movie, Rockford Ransom, debuted in 2014.

Ridders first film, Rockfront, premiered in 2016.

Riddler first film starred Jason Batemen and was released by Paramount Pictures in 2018.

The series is being developed by Fox Television.

The Rockfathers first TV series was in a similar vein.

The second series, Rocker’s House, premiered on FX in 2019.

It starred Jason Segel and was produced by FX Productions.

The Riddler was released on June 24, 2020, by Paramount.

Rockers second film, Riddler Fever, followed the Riddles exploits as they went from rocker to rocker, which eventually led to the murder of Rockford.


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