Duluth trading definition

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The Duluth Traders Association, a professional association of Minnesota traders, said it wants to change the definition of a trading day, a term used to describe a day when stocks or futures are bought and sold.

The trade day is the last day of trading, said Paul Kuchera, president and CEO of the association.

The association is working with the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection on its definition of trading day.

It also wants to amend Minnesota law to allow for the use of the term “trading day” in the trade day definition.

The association said its members have seen a lot of changes in Minnesota and have heard concerns from the community about the definition being used to restrict trading.

The trade day was created in 1983.

It is not applicable to any other period.””

The term trading day is very specific.

It is not applicable to any other period.”

Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said the definition is not an exact match to what is in use in most states.

“We are using the definition from the Minnesota Supreme Court,” said Sarah Siegel, a spokesperson for the department.

“That was used by the court to determine what constitutes a trade day in Minnesota.”

Minnesota defines a trading trade day as one that is “the last day for a trading company to sell securities or options in the market and the last trading day to purchase those securities or alternatives.”

Kuchel, who is the association’s president, said he hopes the group will be able to find a consensus for the new definition before the new year.


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