Pokémon Go trading company, Gogogo, will no longer allow players to sell items for real money or use their phones to pay for them

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Gogongo, a Pokémon Go company, will stop accepting items sold via the game, including “virtual items” that are real items like cards, gym badges and even Pokemon plush toys, according to the company’s new website.

The change comes after the Pokémon Go app for iOS and Android users became available to developers, which allowed players to make real money from trading virtual items and virtual goods.

Gogongo will be the only trading app in the US that will allow players directly to sell or buy virtual items.

In response, players of Pokémon Go will need to pay a small fee for virtual items, but will still be able to use their smartphones to trade those items.

Gogongo has received plenty of criticism over the past year, with the game receiving criticism for its lack of social aspects and lack of meaningful community support.

In January, Gopo announced a “pay-what-you-want” system, in which users would pay $1.99 to “take part in an online marketplace” and pay to “buy and sell virtual items”.

The company said it was working to improve the online shopping experience for Pokémon Go players, and was also “working to provide better content to better engage and connect with our community”.

Gogogo was founded in 2014 by Jason Farrar, a former employee of Zynga, who said the game had been “inventively developed and optimized for mobile” and was “part of the evolution of the social gaming space”.

It had previously focused on creating a social app for its app store, which the company said would help “make social gaming more accessible and fun”.

Gopo’s new policy is a big win for players who have struggled to get in touch with developers, but it does not affect the company as a whole.

Gopos revenue in 2017 was $7.9m, according the company, and its CEO said the move was to “ensure that all of our users have the best possible experiences when they play”.

Gogonos CEO said he was confident that Gogono would continue to “continue to thrive” and that the company would not change its “core values”.

“We are constantly improving, and we have great ideas for future developments,” he said.

“I would like to thank all our partners for their support and we look forward to continuing to grow the company together.”

Gogolos founders Jason Farsad and Timo Biedrins also confirmed that the new policy had not impacted the company at all.

“We remain focused on helping our users experience the game in the best way possible, while ensuring that we have the tools and services to offer the best game possible,” the statement read.

“Our team will continue to improve and expand Gogololos services, services and features to ensure the best experiences for our customers.”

Farsad added that he was “really happy” with the new changes.

“Gogo has a long and successful history, and our users love it, so it’s a great step for Gogo to announce that it is ending the trading of virtual items with the platform,” he told Business Insider.

Gopolinos CEO Timo Bergen added that Gopolos “will continue to be focused on providing our users with the best experience and the most accurate information on Gogoloos services and products”.

“As Gogolinos, we believe that our customers deserve to be confident and have confidence in the accuracy and completeness of information they receive on Gopolinoes services and product.”


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