Kittery Trade Post’s ‘Naked and Dangerous’ music video featuring Kylie Minogue, Drake, and Drake Jr. is now available online in the UK

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The music video for Kylie’s “Naked And Dangerous” is now up on Vevo and Spotify.

The track, which has been covered by Drake and Drake’s manager, was originally going to premiere during the BET Hip Hop Awards, but was pulled by the BET for violating the company’s policies.

The song was also supposed to be on Drake’s new album, but is now out of the picture.

The video features a bunch of naked women dancing on a bed.

They wear matching dresses, which feature an open back with a slit for a skirt, and a pair of skimpy lingerie pants.

Drake plays Kylie, the “Nude and Dangerous” singer, on a variety of different dance tracks.

The video was shot in the Kitterys back yard, and features the lyrics “You’ll be naked and dangerous when you’re older.”

The music video was filmed in the backyard of Kylie and Drake, who have two kids.

They also get a little extra in the way of nudity as Kylie is naked from the waist down.

The music is directed by Kim Travies, and stars Kylie with rapper Drake, rapper Lil B, and rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Kylie also appears on “Nights” and “Dance Fashions” and appears on the “Crazy” album.

Watch the music video below.

The song, which features Drake and Kylie in front of a bed, is Kylies first single since “Nudes.”

The song is expected to drop this summer.


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